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On the Issues

Ethics Reform and Political Corruption

     Political corruption will remain in politics as long as politicians have access to money donated from special interest groups and corporations.  That is why I will not be receiving campaign donations from corporations or individuals.  If elected, I will serve the people of Lexington County with integrity, honesty, and the freedom to make independent decisions based on the needs of the people I represent.

Failed VC Summer Nuclear Project

     Why did lawmakers pass a bill that would allow utility companies to collect money from consumers for the construction of nuclear reactors, with no provision for consumer protection? If elected, I would vote to eliminate the ratepayer charge and repeal the 2007 Base Load Review Act.

Traffic Congestion and Infrastructure

      The Department of Transportation will collect millions of dollars through the new gas tax bill.  State legislators need to make sure there is sufficient oversight for the appropriate use of taxpayers money.  If elected, one of my priorities will be to hold the Department of Transportation accountable and to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayers dollars.

School Safety and Teacher Shortage

      The State Legislature need to fully fund K-12 and provide a competitive salary for our teachers. Funding for school safety must also become a priority.  There are many security options that can be put in place to make our children safer: certified, trained law enforcement officers in every school; mental health professionals to train, teachers, staff, and students how to recognize potentially dangerous students and to provide help to those students and their families; a mandate for every school to have active shooter drills; crisis intervention training; more security cameras that are actively monitored every minute of the day by security personnel.  No expense is too great to provide safety for our most precious possession - our children.  If elected, I will work to increase funding for school safety and teacher salaries. 

Opioid Abuse Epidemic

     Drug overdose is a leading cause of death for those under the age of 50 in Lexington County.  It has been declared a public health emergency by President Donald Trump and Governor Henry McMaster.  Lives are lost everyday from the opioid abuse epidemic.  We need to vigorously enforce the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and the South Carolina Overdose Prevention Act.  I support mandatory opioid addiction education school curriculum.  If elected I will advocate for treating opioid addiction as an illness requiring Medicaid and other health insurance plans to pay for treatment. 

Health Care

      Everyone should have access to affordable, accessible, quality health care.  If elected, I will advocate for the expansion of Medicaid to insure more of the uninsured and to take advantage of the federal money that is available to states who chose to expand Medicaid.

Student Loan Debt and the Cost of Higher Education

     I support the use of Lottery money to lower the cost of education at state supported institutions and to expand our technical training programs.

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